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Take control of your inventory in seconds

Analyze, visualize, and monetize your inventory
Our Story

We lived it first hand - late nights, endless spreadsheets and a fair bit of guesswork, all to understand what you have and what you need to keep your business running. It's all too common.

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Our Vision

We want to help you do what only you can do - cultivate the best business you can. Let us show you where to focus your attention with our analytics engine. We want to give you control over your inventory.


Cloud native, and built to scale to meet your demand.

Who are we

How it works


Inform Analytics will analyze your inventory in seconds and provide visual reports so that you can understand where your attention needs to be in order to maximize efficient use of your capital. Using your sales data, we'll show you where you have unnecessarily trapped capital and where you are at risk of losing future revenue. Our solution makes sure you have the right products when you need them.


Within seconds of install, you'll have a 360 degree view of your inventory ecosystem. Our dashboard provides an immediate overview of the health of that ecosystem with your Inventory Score. Our analysis and reports tell you where to stock up and where to cut back. Use our recommendations on your next purchase order, and start to see your KPI's improve!

How it works

Reduce inventory costs by 20%

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